For the purpose of this lesson, let’s imagine you’re a Marketing Director at a company, which has its own eCommerce store. Your company has just signed an agreement with Synerise and you’re about to start the implementation process. Your goal is to implement Synerise in the short term, with the minimum resources. Your board expects to receive from you the business report with the ROI from Synerise implementation within the next 2 months.

Challenge you might face if you haven’t worked on Synerise before: Synerise is a Behavioral Data platform with a wide range of features. You won’t have a chance to learn all about it in a day, but your team expects to receive the implementation plan from you and created a backlog of tasks to be done.


In this chapter, you’ll learn more about the integration tasks that might be needed in order to integrate your eCommerce site with Synerise as well as you’ll find here an example implementation timeline you can use for your project. Following our implementation timeline advice, you’ll cover all of the necessary integrations and use cases that will enable you to achieve business results fast.

Target group

This chapter might be useful for everyone who wants to start working with Synerise.

Learning objectives

From this chapter you will learn:

Arrow down icon how to prepare to the integration process,

Arrow down iconhow to set up the timeline,

Arrow down iconhow to create the first checklist.

What Synerise is

Synerise is a leading customer data platform that enables businesses to unlock the full potential of their customer data. With its powerful suite of tools and services, Synerise helps businesses to better understand their customers, create personalized experiences, and increase customer loyalty. This tutorial will provide an introduction to the first steps in the platform, helping businesses to get up and running with Synerise quickly and easily.

This guide is designed to help you get started in the platform and provide you with the necessary tools to make the most out of it.

So, let’s get started!

Synerise Demo Shop

Welcome to Synerise Demo workspace!

Experience the power of Synerise’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies in action and see how personalization and marketing automation can work in your ecommerce store. Synerise Demo Shop gives you the opportunity to test campaigns, features, and integrations in a real-world environment.

Screenshot presenting integration

Important: The Demo Shop will be a necessary element of your learning path, so be sure that you have an access to the Demo workspace.
If you don’t have access to the Synerise Demo workspace, please leave your contact details in this form, and our representative will contact you shortly.
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