Lesson 5 Jinjava


Are you ready to revolutionize your customer communication? This chapter will take you on a journey through Jinjava, the powerful template engine that effortlessly separates application logic from its presentation layer in the Synerise platform.

Think about being able to personalize every customer interaction, from emails to push notifications, with just a few lines of code. Jinjava makes this a reality.

You’ll learn how to use Jinjava tags to tailor your communication to each customer’s unique needs, such as addressing them by name, referencing their last transaction or highlighting their loyalty points.

Jinjava also enables you to create an omnichannel experience by tracking the customer’s context (e.g., recently visited pages, bought products, favorite categories),allowing for truly personalized communication at every touchpoint. With Jinjava, you can use Synerise’s platforms such as Inserts, AI recommendations campaigns, and the Automation module to revolutionize your communication with customers and make your campaigns truly unique.

Target group

This chapter is designed for developers on the client side who work on implementation, as well as those who create campaigns in Synerise and want to take their communication to the next level.

Join us on a journey as we explore the limitless possibilities of Jinjava in Synerise and revolutionize your customer communication. Picture a new chapter in your customer communication story.

Learning objectives

From this chapter you will learn:

Arrow down iconwhat is jinjava,

Arrow down iconhow to use jinjava in Synerise,

Arrow down iconabout types of jinjava tags.

Screenshot presenting jinjava

Detailed information:
  • Jinjava blog post - check the blog post in which you can read how jinjava can help you optimize your communication and what are the basic assumptions.


This chapter will enable you to obtain the Synerise Jinjava Certification.
The Jinjava module includes:

  • knowledge such as general understanding of the use of Jinjava (Java-based template engine based on Django template syntax) on Synerise
  • know-how to use Jinjava to personalize content and know advanced mechanisms of personalization and content enrichment in Synerise

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