Questions about Data Management


Is there a limit of events/attributes/tags I can create in my workspace?

No, you can create as many of them as you wish.

How does it affect the system when I translate the event names?

When you translate the event names, you can start searching the system using the new names. The names will also be replaced in all existing events.

Tip: One exception to this is: when querying for events using the Synerise API, you need to use the original event names.

Why should I use enrichment of events?

Enrichment of events is especially useful when you want to limit your data usage.


Where can I use a block of code?

You can use blocks of code in message templates: emails, dynamic contents, landing pages, etc…

In order to use the block content, go to your template creator and click the “Insert” button.

If I update my block content, is this content also updated in the templates in which I have already used it?

No. If you update the block content, you also need to update it in every template where it was used previously.


How do I create a catalog of products?

A Catalog of products is created automatically based on the site’s og:tags. Make sure the og:tags contain product:retailer_part_no (identical to the product SKU in the product feed) and og:type.

Also, note that you can upload a CSV file to create a product catalog. However, in this case, you have to remember that the content of the file should be the same as the og:tags on your website. You need to provide a CSV (comma-separated values) file that is UTF-8 encoded. The file must contain the column names and during the import, you need to set one of the columns as a primary key. Each row can then be identified by this key while using the catalog content in your template.

You can read more about catalogs here.

How can I edit my catalog?

You cannot edit your catalog, but you can overwrite it by importing a CSV file with new content.

How can I insert the catalog content into my template?

You can do it by using inserts in the templates of emails, dynamic content, and so on.


Whatโ€™s the difference between webpush.permissionBlock and webpush.subscribeBlock events?

The webpush.subscribeBlock event is related to web push communication in Synerise. The event is generated when a customer subscribed for notifications, but the browser is blocked from displaying them.

The webpush.permissionBlock event is related to a browser and it is sent to Synerise when a customer denied permission to display notifications from this website. If the customer uses multiple browser, it is possible that only some of them block notifications from the website.

File explorer

Can I import a movie file by File explorer?

Unfortunately, you cannot import files with .mp4 or .gif extensions.

Can I change the file name on the platform after uploading?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. To change the name of the file, delete it from the file explorer and upload it with a new name.


What kind of data does a report downloaded from this section contain?

Reports downloaded from this section contain exported profile attributes (email, name, surname, custom attributes, etc.).

Voucher Pools

How should I prepare a CSV file to import a code pool?

The file must be a single column representing the list of coupons (strings). Please make sure that each coupon is unique. Your CSV file must be UTF-8 encoded.

Can I edit a code pool that I have already uploaded?

No, this is not possible. You can delete a code pool and upload a new one to replace it.

How do I know if a certain coupon from my pool has been assigned?

You can display the full view by clicking the code pool name in the list. Each coupon has information about assignment status, assignment date, and when it was redeemed.

Can I change the view of the code pool?

Yes, you can sort the coupons by each of their attributes - assignment date, date of use, etc. To do so, click the arrow icon next to the chosen attribute.

What is a barcode and which barcode types do you support?

A barcode is a visual, machine-readable representation of data; the data usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode. Synerise supports the following barcode types: UPC, EAN-13, CODE-39, CODE-128, ISBN, ISSN, QR-CODE.

How do I assign a coupon to a user?

The most popular way is to assign one is via automation, after the user performs some action. You can find the full description here. You can also assign a coupon by inserting it in your template (click “Insert” and choose a coupon from the list of available fields).

How do I know if a user's coupon has been used?

When you insert a coupon into your message template, it is automatically assigned to the user who receives the message and marked as “assigned” in the code pool. Each coupon can only be assigned to one customer.


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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.

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