Questions about communication

Is UTM feature enabled by default in Synerise?

No, If you would like to include UTMs in your campaigns, you should add them in the UTM Parameters section.

What kind of data is saved in snrs_params?

snrs_params contains the values of the most recent campaign which the customer had contact with.

After entering the link from the campaign, its parameters are saved in a cookie for 72 hours and they are attached to the transaction, if it is completed within this time.

Parameters can also refer to external sources, such as UTM parameters.

By checking transactions that contain an "snrs_action": "" parameter in the snrs_params object, we can conclude that those transactions were the result of clicking a link in a newsletter in the last 72 hours.

Dynamic content

What’s the dynamic content status after the scheduled time has expired?

In such case, dynamic content changes its status to Finished - this means that you can no longer re-launch or edit it.


How to remove the default Synerise parameters from links in emails?

The Synerise parameters are automatically added to your links in the email template for the purposes of collecting statistics. When you want to remove them, add the following parameter to a chosen link or links in the email template:


For example:

This option allows you to skip Synerise parameters for a particular link.

WARNING: Removing the Synerise parameters from a link results in the lack of statistics on clicking this particular link.

How to redirect to a custom landing page after clicking a resignation link?

To modify the link in the {{synerise-resign-link}}:

  1. Access the settings here.
  2. On the list, next to the email account which you use, click Three dot icon.
  3. In the Resignation link field, paste the URL of your custom landing page.

Can I optimise sending time for individual user while sending an email campaign?

No, if you send campaign through Communication > Email, sending time is optimised based on the whole group of customers. If you would like to do that per user, create a workflow in the Automation module and use Send Email node. More information is available here

Mobile push notifications

What is the best image size for the Banner mobile push type?

The optimal size of the image used in the Banner mobile push type is 1440x2560 px

Can I send a push message with a product that was recently added to favorites?

Yes. If customers add a favorite product in the mobile application, but do not make a transaction, send them a mobile push with this product. If the mobile application supports deep linking, a simple push can direct the customer straight to the recently liked product.

How can I create a notification for people who live in a specific location?

Synerise allows you to track customers in each channel and determine their geolocation. Using this information to create a segment, you can target a selected group of people. In order to receive a high response rate, target customers on the basis of categories of products they buy most ​on a given day.

Can I send a notification that takes into account geolocation, context, and time of day?

Yes, you can create targeted notifications for the most active customers living in a specific location, taking into account the context and the time of day. Let’s say that you want to send out a notification targeted at customers who shop more than three times a week. The platform allows you to easily create a segmentation of such a group, determining the average purchase value and the time of day when the purchase was made. Thanks to such specific targeting, customers can be reached with precise information that can help increase on-line turnover.​

You will find more information about mobile notifications by following this link.

Can I change sender account while creating a mobile push campaign?

No, you cannot change mobile push sender account in Synerise. You must define it in your Firebase account’s settings.

Web push

My website doesn’t support https, is that a problem?

Yes. Your site must fully support HTTPS. Your site must redirect all http:// requests to https:// requests.

How can I implement web push notifications?

The implementation of the Synerise JS SDK (instructions available here) is necessary to enable the Synerise web push service.

Is it possible to stop sending the notification by deleting it?

No, once a web push is sent, it’s not possible to stop displaying the web push notification or modify it in any other way. It’s because when a web push is prepared in Synerise and activated, it is passed to Firebase Cloud Messaging. From that place, it is sent to the customers. If the TTL of the notification is 24 hours, during that time the FCM attempts to deliver the notification to a customer’s browser. If the notification is not delivered during that time, it expires.

What happens if I send a notification to a customer logged in to two browsers?

Customers receive a notification in each browser if they have an active token for each browser.

What happens if I send another web push notification to a customer who hasn't displayed the previous one?

It depends on the browser.
Firefox: If at the moment of sending web push, a browser is open, a customer receives two notifications at once in chronological order. If a browser is closed at the moment of sending the web push, a customer receives only the last web push notification, the one which was sent earlier won’t be displayed.
Chrome: Notifications are queued - customers receive all of them in chronological order regardless of the browser state (whether it’s closed or open).

When will web push notifications be displayed?

Web push notifications won’t be displayed until the second visit.

If I have a marketing permission from a user, can I send that user web push notifications?

No. The web push agreement is a separate parameter in the profile’s card. The profile must also accept web push notifications in their browser settings.

Do web push notifications display on mobile devices?

Yes, web push notifications display on mobile phones.

Can I indicate the place where the notification will be displayed?

No. The notification is sent by the browser’s engine. The area of display will depend on the operating system and the user’s browser.

What happens if a user clears browsing data from a device?

Clearing browsing data will not cancel permissions to send notifications. There are separate settings in the browser for this.

How do I unsubscribe from receiving web push notifications?

You can unsubscribe from notifications by changing the browser settings.

What’s the difference between webpush.permissionBlock and webpush.subscribeBlock events?

The webpush.subscribeBlock event is related to web push communication in Synerise. The event is generated when a customer subscribed for notifications, but the browser is blocked from displaying them.

The webpush.permissionBlock event is related to a browser and it is sent to Synerise when a customer denied permission to display notifications from this website. If the customer uses multiple browser, it is possible that only some of them block notifications from the website.

Dynamic content

Is the event sent automatically?

Yes, if the element from the Dynamic Content’s HTML section is visible in the browser’s viewport.

The element cannot have display: none or visibility: hidden styles. If it does, the event will not be sent automatically unless the style is changed (for example, with JavaScript) and the element becomes visible.

If an HTML element is placed outside of the viewport (such as on the bottom of the page) and the viewer must scroll to see the element, the event will be send only after the element is scrolled into the viewport.

Elements added by using the JS section of the Dynamic Content (not directly in the HTML section) are not observed and will not send events.


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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.

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