Integrating Synerise Mobile (Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter) SDKs in your mobile application has many benefits, such as:

  • Time-saving and low effort - The integration is quick, allowing you to get started right away without spending time configuring or managing session tokens. Synerise stores customer tokens (both anonymous and recognized), manages their validity, refreshes and handles the logic of log-ins and log-outs. The integration is quick and you’ll be able to secure user’s information in no time.
  • Safety guaranteed - We have a highly secure and encrypted infrastructure: all sensitive data is encrypted in storage and the communication between the servers and the application is encrypted and secured well, which is proven by successfully passed audits.
  • Automatic event tracking - All customers’ activities (events) in a mobile application are tracked in real time and sent in batches to Synerise. This way, you can use the Synerise Analytics module to analyze the customers’ behavior in your mobile app.
    Important: There is no auto-tracking option for React Native. To send events to Synerise, you must configure triggers which record and send events to Synerise.
  • Send push notifications - Integrating your mobile app with Synerise Mobile SDK facilitates push notifications, which you can use to communicate with your customers. All interactions related to push notifications are collected as events, such as: opening a push notification, clicking a link in the notification, rejecting the notification, and so on. Based on these events, you can measure the results of your push notification campaigns in the Synerise Analytics module.
  • Send in-app messages - In-app messages allow you to display any creation in a mobile application and implement use cases such as abandoned cart, price drop notifications, sending out discount codes, or implement any information campaign, such as application update. In contrast to push notifications which are sent (pushed) to the app user by Synerise, in-app messages are requested (pulled) by the userโ€™s device through Synerise mobile SDK and they doesn’t require a marketing agreement to be displayed.
  • Display recommendations and promotions - Your mobile app can be a distribution channel where you can display AI-based recommendations and promotions which you can create in Synerise. Because the SDK keeps the customer context, actions such as fetching a recommendation or a promotion require only one SDK call.
  • Build your application with Synerise Documents - This feature allows you to build your mobile application based on documents in which you can include promotions, recommendations, dynamic content without releasing a new version of your app.

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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.

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