Profile management

When the customer is authenticated with a JWT token in your application, You can retrieve or update customer details by using the methods listed below.

Important: You must synchronize your data with Synerise backend after deleting an account on your side.

Profile management methods

Get customer account details

You can use this method to retrieve all information about a customer from Synerise. You can then present that information in the app.

OS Method
Android Client.getAccount()
iOS Client.getAccount(success:failure:)
React Native Synerise.Client.getAccount(onSuccess, onError)
Flutter Synerise.client.getAccount()

Update customer account details

You can use this method to let customers update their own information, except for the email address, which can be changed with a separate method.

OS Method
Android Client.updateAccount(accountInformation)
iOS Client.updateAccount(context:success:failure:)
React Native Synerise.Client.updateAccount(context, onSuccess, onError)
Flutter Synerise.client.updateAccount(context)

Change customer’s password

Separately from customer information updates, a customer may want to change their password. The default password policy is:

  • Minimum 6 characters
  • At least one uppercase letter
  • At least one lowercase letter
  • At least one digit
  • At least one non-alphanumeric character

Passwords are PBKDF2-encrypted.

Note: You can define the password policy in the Synerise platform ( You can find more information about it here.

This method allows a customer to change their password, but they must provide their current password first.

OS Method
Android Client.changePassword(oldPassword, password)
iOS Client.changePassword(password:oldPassword:success:failure:)
React Native Synerise.Client.changePassword()
Flutter Synerise.client.changePassword(oldPassword, password)

Request and confirm email change

These methods allow customers request and confirm the change of their email address.

OS Method
Android - Client.requestEmailChange(email, password, externalToken, authId)
- Client.confirmEmailChange(token, newsletterAgreement)
iOS - Client.requestEmailChange(email:password:externalToken:authID:success:failure:)
- Client.confirmEmailChange(token:success:failure:)
React Native - Synerise.Client.requestEmailChange(email, password, onSuccess, onError)
- Synerise.Client.confirmEmailChange(token, newsletterAgreement, onSuccess, onError)
Flutter n/a

Request and confirm phone number change

These methods allow customers to request and confirm the change of their phone number.

OS Method
Android - requestPhoneUpdate(phone:success:failure:)
- Client.confirmPhoneUpdate(phone, confirmationCode, smsAgreement)
iOS - Client.requestPhoneUpdate(phone:success:failure:)
- Client.confirmPhoneUpdate(phone:confirmationCode:success:failure:)
React Native - Synerise.Client.requestPhoneUpdate(phone, onSuccess, onError)
- Synerise.Client.confirmPhoneUpdate(phone, confirmationCode, smsAgreement, onSuccess, onError)
Flutter n/a

Remove a customer

To allow a customer to remove their account, implement the following method:

OS Method
Android Client.deleteAccount(clientAuthFactor, clientIdentityProvider, authId)
iOS Client.deleteAccount(clientAuthFactor:clientIdentityProvider:authID:success:failure:)
React Native Synerise.Client.deleteAccountByIdentityProvider(clientAuthFactor, clientIdentityProvider, authID, onSuccess, onError)
Flutter Synerise.client.deleteAccount(clientAuthFactor, identityProvider, authId)

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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.

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