Profile identification

Anonymous customers

When you initialize the SDK, on the first start a UUID is generated and a JWT token is retrieved for an anonymous customer. The customer in this scenario is fully anonymous within the system and does not contain any personal information.

Such a token allows some basic operations such as tracking events of anonymous customers, sending in-app messages, push notifications, display documents and more. However, better profile identification and management with extra features is provided when a customer is logged in.

Recognized customers

When an anonymous profile provides the unique identifier, the anonymous profile in the database is updated with new data. It becomes a known customer profile, which means that any activity before the customer was recognized is still present in the profile’s history.

You can operate on personal information without fully authenticating a customer. You may have already imported customer data into Synerise and you have personal information in the system. The data can be linked.

In such cases, you need to authenticate through your own backend systems. Before you can do that, you must merge the UUIDs from the SDK with a specific customer:

  1. Retrieve the customer UUID generated by Synerise SDK.
  2. Process the UUID in your own backend. If you use 3rd party authorization, you may need to pass this UUID into other systems.
  3. Authorize the customer and match their identifier (loyalty card number, email address, or another type of identifier used in your system) with the customer UUID from Synerise.
  4. Provide the customer UUID back to Synerise with all the additional information collected through the authorization process.
    WARNING: Sending this data directly from the application itself is highly discouraged and may cause authorization issues.

We recommend this customer recognition process to advanced clients. If you are a new Synerise clients and would like to run this kind of integration, you can contact us through this form.

Authenticated customers

Synerise offers a means to fully authenticate customers and create customer sessions with JWT tokens that have access to all the features provided by Synerise.

Three authentication methods are supported:


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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.

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