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AI search engines are capable of understanding user intent and providing intelligent search results that are more accurate and up-to-date. AI search is more than just providing relevant keywords, it can help discover hidden relationships and data patterns, making it easier to find the answers by your customers. In this chapter, we will explore the various AI search techniques and technologies available in Synerise.

From this chapter you will learn:

Arrow down iconhow to prepare basic search,

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The article linked below describes the process of enabling the AI search engine on a website. First, the feature is configured, then the configuration is implemented so it can become operational.

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Query suggestions

The feature allows influencing phrases suggested to the customer whilst typing in the query in a search box and provide a customer with the optimal search experience.

Detailed information:
  • Query suggestions - check this article to learn how to configure query suggestions.

A/B testing

By preparing A/B tests in AI Search, you can find out which configuration of the AI search brings better results in terms of conversion, revenue, and CTR in your business.

Detailed information:
  • A/B testing - check this article to learn how to prepare the A/B test.

Previewing AI Search results

To test the results of the search engine or to check the results for a particular customer, you can use the Preview section in AI Search Engine.

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AI Search engine statistics

The statistics module of the AI search engine allows you to break down the search results of the customers into data categories such as filter usage, popular searches, and so on. It also gives you an insight into the words and phrases the customers use.

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AI search documentation tile illustration
AI search documentation
Learn more from AI Search documentation in Help Center.
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Use cases
Discover our use case base and check AI search cases.
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Reading those materials you are ready to gain your AI Search certificate.

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