Registration as a Service

Registration as a Service (RaaS) provides customer identity and account management features native to Synerise without any need for third party systems. To use RaaS, implement a set of methods listed below in your application.

Note: For a full list of available methods, see the method reference section.

Additionally, in the Synerise platform ( you can define the following settings:

Registration methods

Register new customers

This method lets you pass all customer information along with any agreements and attributes at once.

The primary unique identifier used by Synerise is the email address. However, you may also define a customId as a unique identifier. You can read more here.

OS Method
Android Client.registerAccount(registerClient)
iOS Client.registerAccount(context:success:failure:)
React Native Synerise.Client.registerAccount(context, onSuccess, onError)
Flutter Synerise.client.registerAccount(context)

Depending on backend configuration at Synerise, the registration may or may not require email confirmations/ The following registration behaviors are supported:

Name Description
Automatic The account is ready to use right after registration, no confirmations are required. Customer has the attribute snrs_email_confirmed set to false.
Email Confirmation Required The account is ready to use right after registration, but the email confirmation is required. The confirmation sets snrs_email_confirmed to true.
Email Activation Required An activation email is sent and the account cannot be used until the address is confirmed. Activation also means that snrs_email_confirmed is set to true.
PIN Activation Required An activation email is sent and the account cannot be used until the PIN sent in the email is provided (Android, iOS, React Native).

Request customer account by email

This method requests sending an email with a URL that confirms the registration and activates the account.

OS Method
Android Client.activateAccount(email)
iOS Client.activateAccount(email:success:failure:)
React Native Synerise.Client.activateAccount(email, onSuccess, onError)
Flutter Synerise.client.activateAccount(email)

Confirm customer account

This method confirms a customer account with the confirmation token.

OS Method
Android Client.confirmAccount(token)
iOS Client.confirmAccount(token:success:failure:)
React Native Synerise.Client.confirmAccount(token, onSuccess, onError)
Flutter Synerise.client.confirmAccount(token)

Request customer account by pin

This method requests sending an email to a customer with the PIN code needed during account registration process.

OS Method
Android Client.requestAccountActivationByPin(email)
iOS Client.requestAccountActivationByPin(email:success:failure:)
React Native Synerise.Client.requestAccountActivationByPin(email, onSuccess, onError)
Flutter n/a

Confirm customer account activation by pin

This method requires a customer to enter a PIN code during account registration process sent through an email.

OS Method
Android Client.confirmAccountActivationByPin(pinCode, email)
iOS Client.confirmAccountActivationByPin(pinCode:success:failure:)
React Native Synerise.Client.confirmAccountActivationByPin(pinCode, onSuccess, onError)
Flutter n/a

Authentication methods

Once a customer is registered, you can let users log in by implementing this method. After a successful log-in, the application receives a JWT token which is valid for 1 hour (default setting). The SDK refreshes that token while a customer is using the application and events are being sent (auto-refresh occurs only when the token is still valid).

Note: Token longevity can be changed in the Synerise application. You can learn how to do it in this article.
OS Method
Android - Client.signIn()
- Client.signInConditionally
iOS - Client.signIn(email:password:success:failure:)
- Client.signInConditionally(email:password:success:failure:)
React Native Synerise.Client.signIn()
Flutter Synerise.client.signIn()

Other methods

Check if a customer is signed in

This method checks if a customer is signed in through oAuth, Facebook, Sign in with Apple, or RaaS.

Important: This method returns false if a customer is authenticated through Simple Authentication.
OS Method
Android Client.isSignedIn()
iOS Client.isSignedIn()
React Native Synerise.Client.isSignedIn()
Flutter Synerise.client.isSignedIn()

Customer sign out

This method signs out the customer. The method terminates the JWT token and ends the customer session.

OS Method
Android - Client.signOut()
- Client.signOut(mode, signOutFromAllDevices)
iOS - Client.signOut()
- Client.signOut(mode:fromAllDevices:success:failure:)
React Native - Synerise.Client.signOut()
- Synerise.Client.signOutWithMode(mode, fromAllDevices, onSuccess, onError)
Flutter Synerise.client.signOut()

What’s next

When the customer’s account is registered and/or they are signed in, you can implement profile management methods and session management methods.


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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.

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