Introduction to screen views

A screen view campaign is used to show document-based content in a mobile application. This way, you can build entirely personalized visual layer of your mobile application in Synerise and measure the effects of your marketing strategies in the Mobile channel by analyzing events generated as a result of user interaction with screen views campaign.

You can use document groups to create an organized library of documents. When a document is added to a group, it’s automatically included in all screen view campaigns that use the group.


  • Screen view feed - It is a category a screen view can be assigned to. For example, it can define a space in a mobile application it is dedicated to.
  • Group - It functions as a tag/category for organizing documents.


The process of creating a screen view invlovles:

  • Selecting the audience of the screen view
  • Assigning a screen view to a feed
  • Selecting documents for a screen view campaign by:
    • manually selecting documents from a list of documents
    • selecting document groups to include all documents assigned to a particular group
  • Managing screen view structure
    • By default, the screen view consists only of documents which you select, however, you may customize its structure by adding other elements such as descriptions, images, content created in Synerise (such as promotions, recommendations, analyses), and so on.
    • When you select groups of documents, you can preview the list of documents in selected groups
    • You can go to the details of the selected documents


  • Implement a tracking code into the website.
  • Create a Profile API key that has the following permissions:
    • from the Schema permission group:
    • from the Document permission group: SCHEMA_SERVICE_DOCUMENT_READ
  • Create segmentations (optionally).
  • Create documents.

Business benefits

  • Managing the audience of the documents
  • Creating content dedicated to specific customer groups in a mobile application
  • Building the visual layer of the mobile applications based on screen view campaigns
  • Measuring the effects of marketing strategies implemented by means of screen views

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Thank you for helping improve out documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support.

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